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Your guide: Harvey Maguire - New Zealand Fly Fishing

Harvey is a dry fly fishing specialist. His dry flies are unique because they have been specially designed to meet the needs of the waters he guides on. Harvey’s guiding service has been approved by the New Zealand Government Department of Conservation. Harvey Maguire is a past President of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Assn and has been an Executive member of that organization for over twenty years.The Association’s goal is to promote professionalism, sportsmanship and conservation in the interests of trout and salmon fishing in New Zealand


Harvey has many years of fly fishing experience and is regarded as an expert at sight fishing specializing in dry fly stream stalking, lake dry fly drift “Wakatipu Drift.”
Queenstown New Zealand’s southern lakes and rivers are famous for fly fishing. Gin clear water, beautiful pools and riffles, wild trout, crisp clear air and mountains that gives you a great invigorating feeling that only this pristine environment can produce. You can immerse yourself in this outstanding natural landscape of mountains and trout waters. Put yourself to the test against our world famous wily trout. During the annual ‘cicada hatch’ experience the unbelievable lake edge dry fly fishing, you must experience this phenomenon. Experience the mass suicide of these juvenile invertebrates as the trout gorge themselves in their major pre-spawning feast. We actively promote catch and release which helps maintain our world famous fishery. Our fishing season is from the 1st of October until the 31st May. For those keen spin and trolling fishermen our lakes are open all year.

There are many fishing options available, and large trophy trout to be caught.

 Guided Fly Fishing Adventures   Guided Fly Fishing Adventures – Two anglers maximum per guide, for best results a full days fishing is recommended. Equipment, flies, lunch and transport is provided if required.


Bayliner Launch, Courtesy 4WD Jeep Cherokee and Range Rover.  Helicopter access is available when required for wilderness fly fishing.

Harvey’s involvement in the New Zealand Fish & Game Councils administration of fisheries management for many years has given him a unique knowledge of the New Zealand fisheries.

Harvey ties flies and has developed patterns to suite the many waters he guides on. The primary species are rainbow and brown trout, these two species are stalked in streams and around the lake edges.

If you have the desire and skills to pop your dry fly and or nymph or streamer fly on the right spot action is assured. Multiple day trout fishing experiences are available. Harvey also specializes in inputting his clients over larger trout.

Back-Country Fly-Out
Harvey is developing new destinations every season and is constantly looking for great spots that do not get much angling traffic. These places are rare and do require much research as well as gaining the necessary permissions that are needed over private land. Obviously Harvey cannot be specific on the new destinations as the competition is on the lookout too.


  Remote Back-Country Fly-Fishing Adventures ;
Some of the world’s best dry-fly fishing unbelievably clear water, brown and rainbow trout live in the fragile habitat. Good casting skills help here with 12 to 15ft leaders to fool the wary trout; the clear water surely tests the ability stealth and patience of the most experienced anglers. A Bayliner trip followed by an exciting farm track ride in a Range Rover literally takes you right to the action. This is a popular fly-fishing adventure. Guided wilderness helicopter fly-fishing adventures cater for up to two anglers. We also provide water for those who are novice anglers and will help them improve their casting skills. Season is seven months; 1st November – to 31st May.

Helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Truly a magnificent experience, unsurpassed dry fly fishing, larger browns and rainbows provide magic sport for the keen angler. Harvey can have you in these unique areas in twenty minutes; don’t miss the real chance of a lifetime.

“Wakatipu Drift” Dry Fly Fishing.
A very dear friend and former colleague and internationally respected fly-fishing guide the late Roy Moss (see story at the bottom of the page for more) pioneered this method of guided drift fishing with the dry fly in our region. It is amazing the number of traditional anglers that I have turned on to this style of fly-fishing. The cicada flies are readily taken by trout and birds that live within the aquatic environment ecosystems, the insect provides a good supply of food in the summer and early autumn. This method of drifting along the lake edges of Lake Wakatipu that has over 150 miles of shoreline. Some of the best dry fly fishing in New Zealand is provided buy the use of this method of fly-fishing, 5/6/7 weighted fly rods are used with stimulators, cadis, cicada and any bulky green or yellow fly usually works. Incidentally this method works for spinfishermen as well.There are only about ten weeks of drift fishing available so it is wise to book early;

Season,January to late March.

Harvey Puts His Clients over Large Trout with a focus on sight fishing.

Fly fishing adventures use NZ Marine Department surveyed vessels and great care is taken to see that clients at no time are placed in any danger. All safety equipment is carried.
Important in this time purchasing of services such as trout guiding on the internet, often from far of countries, there is a risk that some websites may be over generous as to the level of service that can be delivered. Claims that are made of guided trout fishing are difficult to verify.
Be sure that you engage a true professional Member of the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Ass’n Inc.

Fly-fishing Guide – Dry Fly Sight Fishing Specialist.
Harvey has been guiding since 1985, he is regarded as an expert in sighted trout fishing specializing in the dry fly. Queenstown’s Southern Lakes and Rivers are World renowned for dry fly fishing. Pristine environment gin clear water, no pollution, blue skies do inspire anglers to excel in their sport of the wily New Zealand trout.
Experience some of Queenstown’s and New Zealand’s best especially during the cicada hatch, our float fishing (Wakatipu Drift) is one of Fly-Fishing Adventures special features we catch some beautiful trout during November through March, great sport! We have a bunch of fishing options in our river systems and large trout you will love to test your skills on and test you they will!

Some background information about the Southern Lakes.

Southern Lakes is part of the largest land mass of New Zealand often referred to as the “Mainland”. The western side of the South Island has the great divide receiving high rainfall that feeds into our major Lakes, Wanaka, Te Anau, Manapouri, Hawea, and Wakatipu. Today you can fly direct to Queenstown International Airport on selected flights, Air New Zealand, Pacific Blue, Qantus and Jetstar, check with your travel agent.

Accommodation ranges from back-packers style lodges to Motels Hotels and Luxury Lodges. There are literally hundreds of restaurants including Chinese, Japanese Sushi, Indian, Italian, takeaways and great New Zealand Fare.


Spring Season
A great time of the year everything bursts into life. Birds are singing, blossom everywhere, daffodils, new lambs leaping in the pastures; it’s great to be alive. Lowland rivers are opening; nice trout have been taken and released between the spring freshes. The green and brown beetle can be seen on the water, trout gorge on these insects.

Summer to Autumn
December sees a settling of the spring zephyrs and equinox. December with streams holding much more water than normal are much easier to nymph fish but care must be taken to watch for rising fish and be ready to switch to the dry quickly. Our mountain streams clear quite quickly after the rains this keeps the river systems healthy. These rains also retain the migratory fish longer providing excellent fishing.
Sees increases in insect activity and trout are paying more attendance to surface feeding. The beetles are gone and the midges dance over the water. Afternoon hatches of mayfly can be seen now, the chaffinch displaying their spectacular aerobatics over the streams. Late January
Has the first of the tussock cicadas appearing, juveniles clumsily flying and crashing on the water.
Days are beautiful, weather is settled, and temperatures are mild with magnificent autumn colors. March through April is one of my favorite fishing times trout are readily taking dry flies; some magnificent fish are caught in the fall.

Access to Fishing.
Travel by road 4WD or boat to access remote rivers or by helicopter to wilderness fly-outs. Any one of these access methods will put you in some magnificent fishing locations.

Some Client comments

My son and I have fished several times in New Zealand. I would never miss the opportunity of fly fishing with guide Harvey Maguire particularly with his river stalking and “Wakatipu Drift”.

Dr Craig Boswell Snr

  I have had the pleasure of fishing with Harvey Maguire on 4 different trips to New Zealand for a total of over 10 days. We have never had a bad day! We’ve caught fish sight fishing on streams in the back country using a helicopter, fished streams close to Queenstown and easily accessible, we’ve fished beautiful lakes accessible by vehicle in the mountains and fished from his boat on Lake Wakitipu with cicada patterns. We’ve caught fish using dries, nymphs and streamers – large fish and medium fish.

John May One day, I hooked and landed a 9 pound brown and a 7½ pound brown within 30 minutes of each other on a cicada dry pattern of Harvey’s design! I have found Harvey to be extremely knowledgeable (on fishing as well as a great source of information about the area) and fun to fish and to be with. He also operates a very professional business. I have fished in New Zealand, Alaska and the western U.S with numerous guides and would never miss a chance to fish with Harvey.
John May
Partner-Bighorn River Lodge
Montana, USA

Kunihiko Nagasawa
Kunihiko Nagasawa

I've had Harvey Maguire as a guide for over 10 years and he is a good guide, he is particularly great guide for fishing lakes. He has a technique of utilizing the wind to drift over potentially excellent fishing spots. I don't exactly know how he does it but he is able to position the boat so that the prevailing wind puts the client into position to cast to the best locations. He is also a jazz pianist which is a nice diversion in the evenings or on rainy days.
Bob Main
Salem, Oregon

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New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide Harvey Maguire
 Dry Fly Trout Fishing Specialist Queenstown New Zealand  
Phone +64 3-442 7061

Roy fishing freight train poolTwo Legends
In February 1989 a visiting surgeon from California hooked a strong fish in a pool in a River in the mountains around Queenstown. The fish rose to a dry fly then took off at great pace, manoeuvring past a large boulder at the head of the pool and then, with ever increasing speed, swimming 90 meters of rapids above the pool, in the process stripping the fly right off the line. "That's not a fish, that's a freight train," said the amazed surgeon. The name stuck. During the next four years Freight Train's fame spread, and the fish was hooked by no less than 15 anglers and only once landed. According to guide RoyMoss, its modus operandi never varied.

The fish would rise eagerly to a dry fly then make its magnificent dash past the boulder and up the rapids. The legend of the Lochy was finally hooked and landed on February 16, 1992, by a visiting attorney from Chicago. For once Freight Train had deviated from its hitherto successful escape route and took off downstream where, in much slower water bereft of boulders, it was successfully landed. After being weighed at eight and a half pounds (3.9kg) the fish was returned to the river. To Roy's knowledge the fish was hooked twice more that same season. On both occasions "Freight Train" made its escape via the upstream boulder and rapids. "Freight Train" was missing from the pool in the 1994-1995 season. Said Roy: "l guess old age caught up with it."  In October 1997 Roy Moss sadly passed away, His ashes were spread in the valley where "Freight Train" was last spotted. I guess they have met again by now. Image is Roy fishing the "Freight Train" pool.



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